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About Respire Haiti

Currently there are over  500,000  RESTAVEKS in need of rescue living in Haiti. With your contributions and donations to the event we will be able to assist Respire Haiti by broadening their capacity of rescuing and rehabilitating these Restaveks. Respire Haiti believes deeply in empowering Haiti. Today all department heads at Respire are local Haitians and 100% of donations gathered at UNITED FOR HAITI will be used exclusively for the community and those in desperate need.


Our Sponsors

Respire Haiti thanks the following sponsors for their contribution to making a better world for Haitian children and their families.

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Lamorner Brothers is a production company dedicated to providing culturally relevant content. They are proud to be hosting UNITED FOR HAITI and to be donating resources and time to making this event possible.

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KAZOO -the Bday app provides an innovative digital platform for birthdays which allows our users to create lasting memories, celebrate and share their most important day of the year.

As part of their gift giving initiative, KAZOO has implemented KAZOO KARES,  an initiative dedicated to raising money for charities across the globe.

Alexandra Shipp, head of KAZOO KARES is excited to host UNITED FOR HAITI and help raise funds for Respire Haiti to expand their incredible work. 

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Therabody's mission is to provide individuals with the effective natural solutions they need to take charge of their daily wellness. They have combined education, innovation, and over a decade of pioneering within the tech wellness space to make wellness more accessible for everybody.

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The founders of the McBride Sisters Collection  Robin and Andrea McBride, have had a clear mission from day one – to transform the industry, lead by example, and cultivate community, one delicious glass of wine, at a time. 

With the launch of their SHE CAN Wines  in 2019, the Sisters dedicated their efforts to close the gender and race gap in leadership positions in male dominated fields by providing professional development scholarships and grants to emerging women leaders.

At its inception, “The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund” was created to promote the professional advancement of women in the wine industry in a concerted effort to help close the gender and race gap. In the first year, the fund awarded scholarships of nearly $40,000 to empower women to strive for change and to create opportunities for themselves and others, where there had not been before.

In 2020, global changes resulting from COVID-19 have hit all businesses but have been especially destructive to Black-owned small businesses. With Black women starting and maintaining businesses at a faster rate than any other group in America, McBride Sisters Collections pledged to help Black women-owned businesses through grants and services so they could make the necessary business adjustments to sustain and propel growth during the age of COVID-19. McBride Sisters awarded 30 Black-women owned businesses with over $300,000 in grants.



Rugiyatou Jallow is a Swedish and Gambian visual artist currently residing in Los Angeles.
The passion and appreciation that Rugiyatou has for the power of color, composition, and texture within the artistic process breathes an air of sophistication into each of her pieces.
She began painting at an early age, encouraged by the numerous artistic spirits amongst her friends and family, in particular her mother. As Rugiyatou’s aesthetic evolved, she began to gain her inspiration from more prominent artists such as Dorothea Tanning, Kara Walker, Frida Kahlo, and Salvador Dali. Rugiyatou was raised by her father and step mother in an west African culture in every sense. That became the beginning of the inspiration, which lead to her black subjectivity. She primarily works with acrylic paint to establish a sense of connection through bold designs and evokes a deep response to her work. Her choice of color and subjects further elaborates on freedom and women empowerment. Rugiyatou has collaborated with other professional artists including Ron Bass and Maxwell Dickson.



Being the most international brewer with operations around the world, Heineken believes they have a responsibility and an ambition to brew a better world, both globally and locally, from barley to bar. They believe in working in partnerships to achieve shared goals, scale their positive contribution and limit their negative impacts.



The Bartini Ladies, Elizabeth Paniagua and Tiffany Leon, have kindly volunteered their services to bartend this event and provide superior, quality bartending services in the Los Angeles area for private events and spaces.

Campaign Goals

Help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal for this event!


July 12, 2025

This will fund medication restock for the clinic pharmacy and provide medical care for the school and the community.


Become a Partner

This contribution can pay one teacher's salary, allowing more children to be rescued and educated.

$ ...

Community Contribution

$100 can pay for mental health training for 15 parents. $50 pays for two weeks of water for the clinic. $20 pays for a bag of rice for the feeding program.



Event Timetable


2:00 PM

Photos, Meet and Greet

2:45 PM

Welcome and discussion of the event schedule, introducing hosts.

3:00 PM

Caribbean buffet

3:30 PM

Present and thank sponsors, raffle tickets

4:00 PM

Live music by “Afro y Los 420”  from NYC

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